Saturday, December 1, 2007

Suleiman's rise: 2 alarming points.

1- The smoke around his presidential deal has dissipated to unravel a US/KSA approval on his name, orchestrated by the French and the Egyptians in a bargain to lure Syria into Annapolis (this is how cheap the M14's alliance with the west is in terms of "price" given to Syria, at least for now)
All of the above basically means that Suleiman is in debt to at least 5 foreign powers, regional and western. That says something about his term right from the start and about his understanding of what "independence" and "people's choice" mean to him, which practically takes us to the second point.

2- Michel Suleiman's mechanisms were in the background of the political scene, his candidacy is not the product of a Lebanese consensus, but rather of a foreign consensus between major players in the region. He practically owes nothing to the Lebanese people who barely know him, his plans, his "program?" or his political skills. I personally commend his walking pace when touring around the barracks in support for our troops, but that's just about it.
How much are the polls and the choice of the people relevant to him? Because he just accepted taking the place of another ex-General who has the support of a significant part of the Lebanese community without even running against him in elections.

I know i may be harsh on the man from square one, but these are important issues that should be addressed before we start cheering for every "experience" not knowing where it may lead.