Sunday, November 11, 2007


A lot of talk these days regarding the presidential quagmire and what would result in case a person is not agreed upon to be the next Lebanese president of the 19 tribes. A lot of speculations, analysis and doomsday threats. Something very common in a country where we keep falling in the same traps made by the same people and administered by the same Machiavellian club.
But one rhetoric keeps coming in every discussion about whatever crisis is looming, you will always hear this existential question: "will we ever learn from our history? huh? will we?"
Now the first impression you get is that this question is logical, legitimate and even pretty obvious if you're in any country on the planet, but then again, you realize you're in Lebanon, again.
"History" is a vague tale of unknown and disputed origins in Lebanon, even last week's news and statements are too far back to take them seriously. Nowadays, history is what comes out of tonight's news and tomorrow's newspaper, hills of archives that will dazzle whatever population or civilization discovering them hundreds of years from now after the big war of the 19 tribes have scorched bodies and earth eliminating one of nature's mutation of an entity. Only those future scholars will be able to process that amount of data from long dead outlets, blogs and websites from an infinity of perspectives trapped in the stratosphere.
Our history will only exist for civilizations to learn from after we all perish in our complex spiral of self-destruction that is the product of an ironic nature that gave a land so beautiful to breed a population so destructive that will someday refute Darwin's natural selection theory as the example of a species that self-destructed for the noblest of causes.
History means nothing today as it is too complex to even agree on a timeline and too vague to define in simple 21st century words, let alone to even learn something from it, this is why we will always be in Lebanon ... again.

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