Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lebanon, again, and again...

Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, very bumpy ride ahead.
Make no mistake fellow readers, Lebanese will never agree.
Everything in Lebanon is a point of view, nothing is true, false, right or wrong. Nothing is defined and agreed upon. Nothing is stable. Nothing is sure. Nothing is going to end.
Welcome to this blog.

While most of the inhabitants of Lebanon are contemplating the days to come regarding the presidential pageant, almost every major country on the planet seems concerned with the outcome of the presidential eliminations and they stress on the need to witness a free, democratic, uninfluenced and sovereign relay of presidents. How deceitful is that?
Democracy is a dead term. It has become like a spell or a sorcerer's word to call upon the demons of our modern days. When Bush uttered the word "democracy", Iraq succumbed to the abyss of civil war and pseudo-sectarian violence. He and his administration have already injected that word into Lebanese politics, its spell is already working like a charm.
Stay tuned.

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