Monday, May 12, 2008

Four days that changed the Middle East

Via "Friday Lunch Club"

Amid reports that US's DCM, Michele Sison advised Siniora to "resign rather than face defeat by rescinding the 2 executive orders, ... and thus remain a CARETAKER government", Rami Khoury offers These Thoughts in The Daily Star, Here

...The consequences of what has happened in the past week may portend an extraordinary but constructive new development: the possible emergence of the first American-Iranian joint political governance system in the Arab world. Maybe.
If Lebanon shifts from street clashes to the hoped-for political compromise through a renewed national dialogue process, it will have a national unity government whose two factions receive arms, training, funds and political support from both The United States and Iran. Should this happen, an unspoken American-Iranian political condominium in Lebanon could prove to be key to power-sharing and stability in other parts of the region, such as Palestine, Iraq and other hot spots. This would also mark a huge defeat for the United States and its failed diplomatic approach that seeks to confront, battle and crush the Islamist-nationalists throughout the region...

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