Monday, May 12, 2008

Oblivious moments

When in his press conference, the protector of the Lebanese holy grail, former president of the Lebanese republic, the higher president of the Kataeb party, Sheikh Amine el-Gemayyel draws a "big question mark" "?" as to what provoked Hezbollah and the opposition to perform the latest operations in Lebanon, totally disregarding to mention the irresponsible governmental decisions and the documented fact that during the labor demonstrations, various groups of demonstrators were attacked in Beirut and his allies's armed militias who are still roaming the streets as he speaks, Salem wonders what lies under that wig.

It is quite obvious that in the last couple of days, most of the so-called March 14 leaders are living in a state of denial. Their selective memories and their refusal to see the big picture are not but a prelude to a total all-out failure. They continue to portray themselves as immaculate figures entrusted with benign intentions and values while they lost all credibility in state-building rhetorics.

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