Thursday, May 15, 2008


"What!?, Who? , WhÈre!.....?"

Al-Jazeera's Ghassan Ben Jeddo, "a deal is very likely to be sealed between the two factions in Lebanon including a 10-10-10 formula for a national unity government and Suleiman to be elected before the 10th of next month... everybody moving to Qatar for more talks..."

Add to that, "March 14"'s Safadi, "dialogue is essential to find a new formula since the Taef agreement proved to be insufficient by practice and some aspects of it needs to be reviewed."

AND, Joumblat's possible letter to Nasrallah, "the Jabal and Beirut will fully support the resistance, and our feud is temporary."

Meanwhile, it seems that Gemayel's Kataeb and Geagea's Lebanese forces seem to be stuck in last week's act.

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